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Sean Clayton - Wildlife Photographer

Sean Clayton
Wildlife Photography & Wood Sculptures

Sean is an award winning photographer, amateur naturalist and conservationist, living and working in bonnie Galloway, SW Scotland.

Sean's photographs are all taken locally and in the subject's natural habitat. Sean doesn't use paid hides, but instead, patiently observes and builds trust with his subject - often for hours, and sometimes for days, weeks and months. The result of Sean's patience and skill as a photographer, is his stunning images, which really showcase the natural beauty of the local wildlife and give us a window into their private world.

A selection of Sean's images are available through Fountain Stone - those currently in stock can be found below. To find out more about Sean's photography and browse more of his beautiful shots, visit his website:

Sean also carves found pieces of wood from the nearby forest, into beautifully observed and tactile sculptures - those currently available through Fountain Stone can be found below.
Sean will happily discuss commissions for personal, bespoke pieces. You can contact him at:

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