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Rosie Dobson

Rosie Dobson


I am a wildlife artist and printmaker based in the hamlet of Bladnoch, just a mile outside Scotland's National Booktown, Wigtown.


My work reflects my lifelong love of birds, and nature, and is heavily influenced by my interest in traditional woodcuts, and old book illustrations. My prints usually take the form of an individual study of a bird or animal; by capturing the characteristics and a fleeting moment, I hope to give the viewer their own sense of connection to the subject.

My prints are usually monotone, relying on the carved lines of relief printing to express form, texture, and light. In contrast, the intaglio process of dry-point etching enables me to effectively sketch out an image, and achieve a time-worn aesthetic, reflecting our intrinsic connection to the natural world around us.


My love of old books, antiques and treasure-hunting is reflected in the items for sale in the Bladnoch shop. As well as second-hand natural history books, with illustrations by some of the artists who inspire my work - Agnes Miller Parker, C.F. Tunnicliffe and Barbara Greg to name a few, you will find; stunning wildlife photography by local artist Sean Clayton, sumptuous handwoven scarves by Eden Textiles, wonderful woollens from The Urban Goldfinch, beautiful handcrafted silver jewellery by Silver Wren & Oak, and many other treasures including antiques, vintage jewellery and collectables.

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