This charming old owl sits atop a pile of books looking very wise indeed! He is beautifully cast and painted  and is obviously quality - I believe he was perhaps originally one of a pair, or was possibly part of a larger piece, or a garniture. He is in lovely condition, however there are two small filled holes on the surface and underside of the marble-base which are evidence of his former life or a piece that is now missing. I mention it only because I like to give an accurate description of my items - I do not believe it notices or detracts from the look of the piece. Because there is only one, I have described him as a paperweight, although obviously he could be used as a single bookend - and very handsome he looks too. Measures  13cm long across the base, and 13cm to the tip of the owl. For more information or photographs, please get in touch.

Antique owl paperweight


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